Friday, 11 August 2006

What makes a good Flash and Video rich website?

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The best ones are those when it doesn’t take forever to load and doesn’t keep stopping to load between pages - if it does need time to load then use some clever animation to fill the time. Once it has loaded it’s nice when it is obvious where to click next! A lot of these sites work because there isn't too much information on screen, so holding back on text is important. Lots of slick flash animation and video make you want to proceed further and having a narative throughout the site helps to hold people. A clever use of sound and music runs through these sites, but the music always compliments the animation and is not over the top. I think the video presenters (embedded video of a presenter guiding you through the site) make web browsing more of a televisual experience, and may make it easier to navigate and use the site.

Audio/Video Archive sites

These websites have a similar idea to the BBC with regards to AV Content:

CBC Digital Archives Website

FourDocs Channel 4 New


Educational, Science & Nature
WWF Save our Climate

Forests Forever, Japanese Site

BBC OneLife Drugs awereness - nice use fo Video and Flash

Chernobyl Legacy

Remember Segregation - thought provoking and curious

Ecellent examples of mixing Flash and Video

Amazing - a science fiction adventure promoting milk

Freedom of the Seas
This site was made by the same company that made the wonderful interactive encyclopedia on CD Rom about 8 years ago. This is very similar only delivered via broadband rather than CD.

Channel One
This has a nice intro - a friendly and welcoming face:

Nice navigation

Nice for music fans good way of presenting music and feeling a personal touch from the artist

Nice homepage for a recuiting site

Interesting presentation and navigation, using animation of hands

Video Virtual presenters for kids. animation bit slow

Photographer’s portfolio presented without any text using virtual presenters:

Virtual Video Bartender

Slick Commercial Advertising


Bebop Jeans – great Kids site, colourful and fun to navigate

Kangaroos Shoes

Wonderbra - just fun to visit!

Lynx effect - bit like the Wonderbra website


Mercedes, Video virtual presenter

Kia Motors

Saab, nice way to present a car, through the eyes of an animal:

Other Commercial

Red Bull Co-pilot, cool design, sound fx, video embedded


Philips, Video virtual presenter

More Fancy Sites with rich graphics and flash

Just need to be careful how long people are prepared to wait for a flash animation. I think its important to have a less graphics intensive version too.

Weird TV - just fantastic to play with

Big Fat Institute of Interactive Ideas

Big Ideas Come From Big Pencils - a novel way of navigating a website - by scribbling.

Rathergood - This site has been around for years it may look a bit naff but explore and you'll find some funny and random stuff, animations and songs.

Renaissance Movie Site


Dixie Chicks
Fun to explore a virtual town – promoting an album

Lab 25, fashion designers portfolio