Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Forever Blue - Blue Planet you can take part in

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This Wii game looks absolutely amazing, a totally immersive and mesemerising experience - Blue Planet you can take part in!

Forever Blue is a new Wii game that lets you navigate through the deep blue sea with your remote. You're a deep sea diver, and you're surrounded by whales, sharks, manatees, and all kinds of giant, cool sea creatures. You start on a diving boat that takes you out onto the water—then you step into your gear and go..

See a clip (with added Enya music) on Youtube here

Read more on Wikipedia

The BBC developed something called Dinosaur World, which used the same graphics engine as Walking with Dinosaurs, about 6 years ago. Dinosaur World had a concept very similar to Forever Blue (although it was never fully released) - essentially you roamed around a 3-D island exploring the prehistoric vegetation and animals.

Geo-Blogs: Jane Goodall & Shackleton are doing it

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Spice up your blog and turn it into a GeoBlog. Here's a couple of examples that I am fond of.

The Jane Goodall Institute has a Google Earth-based geoblog. This allows you to open the blog entries in their relevant location on Google Earth providing a geographical context to the writing.

The Shackleton Geoblog is another great example. This time taking a historic adventure and putting it in its geographical context, based on the diary entries and ship logs of Ernest Shackleton during the Endurance expedition.

More information on this geoblog can be read on the Google Earth Community page