Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Life in Cold Blood: The Cold-Blooded Truth

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Friday 4th February, 21.00, BBC1
6.7M Viewers, 28% Audience Share
(Average for time slot: 6.37M, 26%)

Radio Times: 1/5 - The Cold Blooded Truth
The great communicator has his work cut out here. The ninth and final chapter of David Attenborough's nature epic brings him to reptiles and amphibians, also known as the Ugly Lot. Surely the scaly, slimy creatures of the Earth will need more than his raptures (and the BBC Natural History Unit's visual magic) to get us on side? Never fear, by the end of tonight's opening episode, you'll find yourself warming to cold-bloodedness, rather as the sweet North American painted turtles thaw out after a winter frozen in their burrows. When you see the males courting underwater by stroking the females' cheeks, you may even agree with Attenborough that reptiles and amphibians "can be touchingly warm-hearted". Other highlights range from the comic - jousting tortoises - to the gross - a python ingesting a whole deer, like a vacuum cleaner very slowly sucking in the family dog. But be sure to stay for the "making of" postscript about chameleons, where we see the great man's face (and voice) light up as he fulfils a lifetime ambition.

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