Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Join me and Ninja friends on BBC3 for Wu-How tips

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Watch on BBC3, 8:30pm. Friday 13th August.

In this episode of Wu-How I show you 'How to cook a gourmet meal at a festival'.
Tune in for more Wu-How Ninja tips from me and my pals on BBC3

This is the Ninja guide to pretty much everything. A bunch of practical 'how to' webisodes that help you complete day to day tasks the ninja way. These aren't patronising introductions but nuggets of wisdom that will transform you from beginner to expert in seconds. Your guide this time will be Domestic ninja, giving you juicy tips direct from the sacred ninja wisdom: Wu-how.


  1. Fantastic work Paul. He he. Your funny! Reminds me of that dancing vid you posted. He he. I'll keep an eye on the Telly to see if you pop up anywhere else!

  2. Cheeky (but cute). He he. r u growing a beard again? I think u should ;-)

  3. Nice work. I love dimwit TV especially after a few pints - wasnt there something like this on TV in the 80's?