Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wildscreen 2010: Multiplatform workshop

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Back by popular demand? For Wildscreen 2010 we're updating the workshop that we did for Wildscreen 2008. If you're attending the Wildscreen Film Festival and you're interested in finding out about Multiplatform production and how to engage an audience through social networking, please sign up.
Find out about this and other workshops at the Wildscreen festival website.

Breaking out of the Box – Multiplatform

14-10-2010, 10:00 - 13:00pm,
Marriot Hotel.

Do you Tweet, Tag, Ping, Follow or Poke? Are you hooked on Flickr, Tumblr, Delicious, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo...? This workshop will give you an insight into the world of multiplatform, a world where you can put anything anywhere at anytime to create a unique and individual web experience.

You will work in teams to develop and pitch a multiplatform idea. Get to grips with the basics, understand some of the key tools available on the web, create and share content. Learn the rules, tips and tricks to producing a successful online presence, building and holding onto an audience.

I will be accompanied by a panel of experts:
Paul Deane (Senior Content Producer BBC Multiplatform)
Jeremy Torrance (Content Producer BBC Multiplatform)
Rachel Tomlinson (Assistant Content Producer BBC Multiplatform)
Together, this team have been responsible for much of the BBCs Natural History online output, from Springwatch and Big Cat Live, to the BBC's online compendium of life on Earth, Wildlife Finder.


  1. Hi Paul, I didn't make it to Wildscreen and wondering if you've any more Multiplatform talks in the pipeline ?

  2. Hi Stephen, I'm always open to offers to give talks but usually it's talks about my adventures in wildlife TV. Other than Wildscreen I rarely get the opportunity to talk to a wider audience about multiplatform media. Happy to meet up if your in Bristol anytime.

  3. By the way, just realised that you are THE Stephen de vere! - I love your work, let me know the next time you're around. Best wishes.