Friday, 15 October 2010

'Kaziranga Land of the Rhino and the Tiger' a film by Sandesh Kadur

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I've just had the pleasure of joining wildlife filmmaker Sandesh Kadur for an exclusive and intimate big screen viewing of his film 'Kaziranga Land of the Rhino and the Tiger' - a pleasure to see my friend again and even more so to see his work (Sandesh was the star of The BBC Natural World film 'Mountains of the Monsoon').

'Kaziranga Land of the Rhino and the Tiger' is the first instalment of a series currently in production. It is a beautiful self-authored, self-produced piece that Sandesh filmed almost entirely on the new range of Canon DSLR cameras including the 5D mark2 and the 1D Mark4 - he even used a GoPro for some shots. It not only makes me wish I could spend more time in India but that I had a bigger budget to buy stills cameras with.

Technology aside, this film reveals the secretive beauty and drama of the Indian bush, and the true art of the wildlife cameraman. The stalker, the sit-and-wait naturalist, the fast acting adrenalin-fuelled image-hunter, Sandesh is them all. His cameras are his weapons, weapons that he uses to combat ignorance of the importance of conservation and the intricacies of the natural world. With incredible patience and a keen eye he is a man on a mission, interweaving his obsession for capturing images with a passionate yet calmly delivered narrative that leaves you hooked on the wonders of nature that he encounters - in this film its Tigers.

Sandesh visits Kaziranga home to the highest density of tigers in the world – nearly 32 for every 100 sq. kms. But this doesn’t mean that seeing a tiger here is easy! With the use of camera-trap technology and days patiently waiting in the hide he was able to film and photograph several different tigers scavenging on the meaty remains of a rhino carcass.

"Sitting in a hide can be tedious work. One has to withstand long hours of nothingness for a few moments of incredibleness... The only way to keep occupied is to watch life surround you as you sit quiet and motionless, hoping for something exciting to unfold. you're presence is unknown, birds come to within arm's reach, rhinos and elephants walk past... you're a spy - a spy in the jungle ;-)"

For more about Sandesh and his work visit his blog: Felis Creations.


  1. Great example of how nowadays wildlife film-making is all about the idea and the dedication - and not necessarily the tools that you use. I really look forward to seeing the final film.

  2. I followed your link here from twitter. You have some wonderful shots posted. Very nice.
    Eileen Schuh, Author "Schrodinger's Cat"