Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stand up for the BBC

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It's about time people started standing up for the BBC. This is a great example of Pro-BBC support from comedian Mitch Ben (watch his music video here Come on people. Stand up for democracy, independent broadcasting, creativity and a proud world-leading institution that belongs to all British People. Think of all the great television and radio programmes that you love - think of all that would be lost without the BBC.

I am proud to work for an organisation that is respected and admired the world over - a shining ambassador for our nation since 1922. I am proud to work at the BBC Natural History Unit, a department of the BBC that has spread the wonder, beauty and importance of the planets life and ecology since 1957. Our programmes reach people from the remotest pacific islands to communities in distant deserts. Without the BBC so much of our global communications life-line would be lost.

Without the BBC we would fail to see so many wonders of the world, if we don't know what we have how can we ever hope to protect it? You know what the BBC is, think of all that it does, think of it as one of those wonders and be proud.

- Paul

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  1. I would pay my license fee for the NHU alone!