Friday, 21 October 2011

Top 8 Dinosaur songs of all time?

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Sadly, the list of Dinosaur themed music is very limited. You could include anything by T-Rex or Dinosaur Jr, but considering that they didn't actually release a dinosaur themed song I have excluded them. If you're seeking dinosaur nursery rhymes then this album on Amazon has a great selection of old favourites with a prehistoric twist. My favourite is Old Pangea sung to the theme of old Macdonald had a farm 'and on the earth walked saurpods, eons, eons ago...'

So come on X-Factor contestants, get creative - you have almost 200 million years of material to play around with. Tragedy on a global scale, immense diversity, gentle giants, ferocious predators, and the alien world of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 

Here's some of my favourites, PLEASE let me know if you can think of any more..

1. Johnny Cash, The Dinosaur Song 
Johnny Cash is one of my favourite artists, I love his gritty music and so I was very suprised to discover thant in 1975 he released a series of songs for children on 'The Johnny Cash Children's Album'. This includes my favourite all time dinosaur song, aptly named 'The Dinosaur Song'.

2. They Might Be Giants, I am a Paleontologist 
This is a superb track that surprisingly sneaked under my radar until recently. The bands most famous track is 'Birdhouse in Your Soul' which was orginally released in 1990, but became a bigger hit in 2010 when it was used in a TV ad for Clarks shoes. However, a year earlier, in 2009, they had released this paleontological gem on a children's album. Not only a celebration of Dinosaurs, but of those brilliant people who study them - the Paleontologists.

3. The Dinosaur Song 
An internet phenomenon and a song that is always on my iPhone playlist.

4. Was (not was), Walk The Dinosaur 
This was a hit single released in 1987, and later featured on What Up, Dog?, the bands hit 1988 album. The song was most recently used in the animated film Ice Age 3.

5. John Williams, Jurassic Park Theme 
The Jurassic Park music is so embedded in popular culture, and  it continues to conjur up the images of awe that so engrossed the worldwide audience back in 1993.

6. The Family-Ness Theme Song 
Iv'e included this as many monster hunters do consider Nessie to be related to the plesiosaurs (marine reptiles who were contemporaries of the Dinosaurs), and the Loch Ness Monster also has an official scientific latin name Nessiteras rhombopteryx as published in Nature in 1975.

7. Weird Al Yankovic, Jurassic Park
Excellent parody of the film released on the Alapaloosa album in 1993. Nominated for a grammy in 1994 for best short form music video.

8. Ke$ha, Dinosaur
From the 2010 album, Animal. OK, so I had very little to choose from but Dinosaur by Ke$ha only makes the list because while it is mostly about pervy older men, she does actually make an attempt to teach us how to spell the world 'dinosaur'. (I look forward to replacing this with something a little less derogative of dinosaurs.)


  1. Anything by T-Rex.
    Anything by Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs
    Weird Al's "Jurassic Park"
    And the Barney Theme Song and anything by Dorothy the Dinosaur.

    I want to claim anything by the Trilobites as well, but that's far too early :-)

  2. Yay. Cool - just what I've been looking for.

  3. He He... I love 'I am a Palaeontologist' - my new theme toon ;-)

  4. They are great dinosaurs song.

  5. I've got a whole record of them:
    And some videos

    Hope you like em!

  6. Songs about dinosaurs huh? Check this out...
    Running from a T-rex!

  7. Shiny Toy Guns - My Reptile Friend
    I love this song!!!