Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Brinicle of Death - how on earth did they film that!? #FrozenPlanet

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Frozen Planet, Tonight 9pm, BBC One

If I remember just one thing from Frozen Planet then the 'Brinicle of Death' in tonights episode will be it. Not only for the 'how on earth did they film that' sense of awe and respect, but also for the 'holy cr*p, that's something out of science fiction' disbelief. Even though I've heard about this phenomena from the team, spoken with the cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson who filmed it, and now watched the sequence - I still can't quite believe such a thing exists, it sends shivers down my spine.

Watch the clip below and see for yourselves, and don't forget to tune in for another episode of this years most talked about wildlife series - BBC One, 9pm.

(Filming the 'Brinicle of Death' - photo by Doug Anderson)

You can read the full of how cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson filmed his wonder of Nature, and find out more about it on the BBC Nature news site.

"With timelapse cameras, specialists recorded salt water being excluded from the sea ice and sinking. The temperature of this sinking brine, which was well below 0C, caused the water to freeze in an icy sheath around it. Where the so-called "brinicle" met the sea bed, a web of ice formed that froze everything it touched, including sea urchins and starfish" - Doug Anderson


  1. This is absolutely horrifying. I guess it's played back at 2x speed or something, because the starfish appear to be moving funny, but it's still really freaky!

  2. HOLY CRAP BATMAN - That is outa this world.