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Children in Need Pub Quiz 2011 - including Audiovisual Rounds @BBCCiN

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Children in Need raised over 26 million pounds on the television telethon (8 million more than last year). If you haven't donated yet then it's not too late - visit the Children in Need website.

On Thursday I hosted my annual Children in Need Pub Quiz in the BBC Bristol Club. I've posted the full quiz here and would be more than happy if you would like to use this to run your own Charity Quiz. A donation to Children in Need would be appreciated.

The answers are at the bottom of the page and you can download answer sheets here. For more of my quizzes click here.
Thanks and good luck, Paul

Picture Round
Name the 10 countries

Round  1 - Random

1. Where does Marty McFly live?

2. Who was the first contestant to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2011?

3. On this years Big Brother on Ch5 who joined the housemates on launch night claiming she would leave a 'skidmark on every housemate'? 

4.  What colour is the flight data recorder on a commercial aircraft? 

5. What man made structure on Earth can be seen from outer space? 

6. Where is the only place that the American flag flies 24 hours a day - never raised, never lowered, and never saluted?

7. What is Paul McCartneys Middle Name? 

8. Which ONE of these indicates a genuine Cornish pasty? A. Carrots in the filling. B. Crimping on top. C. Crimping on the side? 

9. Which element has the atomic number of 1?

10. With which famous person are the following perfumes associated? Passion, White Diamonds, Black Pearls, Diamonds & Emeralds, Diamonds & Rubies.
Round  2 - Back in Time (Play Huey Lewis & the news)


1. January this year represented the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of which US president?

2. In April 2011 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first man in space - what was his name?

3. What was controversially made available on the NHS by Enoch Powell, health minister, in December 1961?

4. What began construction 50 years ago in August and was, at its longest, over a hundred miles long? 

5. Which ship was launched from Belfast in May 1911?

6. The author of Thomas the Tank Engine was born in June 1911. What was his name? 

7. Who was awarded a second nobel prize in December 1911?

8. Also in December 1911, who was the first person to reach the South Pole?

9. Which monarch was crowned on 22nd June 1911?


10. Which building was completed 300 years ago and holds a plaque stating ‘if you seek his monument, look around’?

Round 3 Sport & Games (Play Grandstand theme tune)

1. Who scored for England in the 1966 World Cup final? 

2. Who was Mr Universe between 1978 and 1980?

3. How many times have the Olympic Games been cancelled due to war?

4. Which sport uses the lightest ball?

5. Which video game and film takes place mostly in Racoon City?

ROUND 3 – Science (Play Weird Science)

6. The word HENNA can be made using the periodic symbols of which three elements?

7. Who were the first two people to stand on the moon?
For a bonus point - who orbited the moon in the command module while the other two played around on the moon?

8. What are the three main types of rock?

9. What is the fourth planet closest to the sun?

10. Which scientist apparently shouted Eureka whilst in a Bath upon discovering that the volume of displaced fluid is equal to the volume of the submerged object?

ROUND 4: Video, Movies

Name these 10 films
11. 9 of these 10 films have one thing in common - what is it?
12. Which is the odd one out?

ROUND 5 – Around the World (Play around the world)

1. According to a UN report published last week, who ranked number 1 as the best country to live in? 

2. After which animal are the canary islands thought to have been named? 

3. What is the only active volcano in MAINLAND Europe i.e. not on an island?

4. Where is 'Thatcher Day' celebrated on January 10th?

5. What is the name of the railway that was opened in 1901 and runs from Moscow to Vladisvostok? 

6. The Zonda in Argentina, the Puna in Peru and the Sirocco in North Africa are all the names of what? 

7. How many yellow stars are there on the flag of China? 

8. Mount everest straddles the borders of which two countries?

9. What is the only letter of the alphabet which does not appear in any of the names of the 50 American states? 

10. In Paris twelve Avenues meet at which famous landmark?

Round 6 - Anthems

The following national anthems represent the nations that have hosted the past 5 summer olympics.

Questions 1 to 5 - Name the country
Question 6 - Put them in order with the most recent first

Click on the icons below to play the tunes.
If the tracks don't play below then click HERE for a pop-up link to the original files on

ROUND 7 MUSIC – Musical Covers
Click on the icons below to play the tunes.
If the tracks don't play below then click HERE for a pop-up link to the original files on

1. I've mixed together a little medley, the original artist followed by three cover versions - Name the four artists (4 points)

2.  This version of a cover from 2002 was listed as the worst ever cover version by a poll of music. But who sang this?

3. Who sang the original? 

4.  This track was voted the second worse cover of all time - name the two girl bands. 

5. Who sang the original version in 1975?

6.  This one was voted the best cover version ever - who sang it?

7. Name the track.

8. Whats the next line after I stop the track? 

9. Who were the original artists?

10. Which two artists recorded this charity single in 1985 when they realised they wouldn’t be able to sing a duet at Wembley? 

11. Part of which event was it first broadcast on the BBC on the 13th July 1985? 

12. This next singer is quite a character but by what name is he better known? (Clue - he's 1 year old)

13. Which film made this song an international hit? 

14. Who is singing this? 

15. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for – my favourite band of all time. Who is singing this cover? 

16. Who sang the original?

Round 8 – Bristol (Play Wurzels 'Bristol Song' at the end)

1. In old English Bristol was named Brycgstow but what does it mean? Place at the river, place at the mill or place at the bridge?

2. What are the names of the two daily newspapers published in Bristol?

3. In which pub is it said that author Daniel Defoe met Alexander Selkirk, his inspiration for Robinson Crusoe?

4. In which century where the Queen Street Riots?

5. In which year did the BBC first open offices on Whiteladies Road?

6. On which two rivers is Bristol situated?

7. Archibald Leach was born in Horfield, Bristol, but how is he better known?

8. The world famous HMV logo was founded in 1895 but what was the name of the dog?

9. What is the name of the Bristol dinosaur, the oldest dinosaur ever found in Britain and the fifth dinosaur ever to be named?

10. Which of these comedians was not born in Bristol? Justin Lee Collins, Stephen Merchant, Russell Howard or Bill Bailey?

1. South Africa 2. Mexico 3. China 4. India 5. Republic of Ireland 6. Japan 7. France 8. Iceland 9. Greece 10. Cuba

1.  Hill Valley, California 2. Edwina Currie 3. Pamela Anderson 4. Orange to make it easier to find (often known as Black Box) 5. None of them 6. On the Moon 7. Paul (his first name is James) 8. C. It must be crimped on the side to be legally called a Cornish pasty. And must also be made in Cornwall, with a filling made from uncooked minced or roughly cut chunks of beef, swede, potato and onion. No carrots. 9.  Hydrogen 10. Elizabeth Taylor.

1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 2. Yuri Gagarin 3. Contraceptive Pill 4. The Berlin Wall (was originally a wire fence known as the antifascist protection rampart – the concrete was added later) 5. RMS Titanic (its maiden voyage was from Southampton in 1912) 6. Rev Wilbert Awdrey 7. WMarie Curie (the first person to be awarded with two nobel prizes) 8. Roald Amundsen 9. George V (and Queen Mary.) 10. St Pauls Cathedral

1. Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger 3. Three 4. Table Tennis 5. Resident Evil 6. (He) Helium (N) Nitrogen (Na) Sodium 7. Neil Armstrong, Edwin, Buz Aldrin Bonus Point: Michael Collins 8. Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic 9. Mars 10. Archimedes

1. Amadeus 1984 2. Dr Strangelove or : how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb 1964 3. The Deer Hunter 1978 4. Out of Africa 1985 5. Crash 2005 6. The Departed 2006 7. Lord of the Rings, return of the king 2003 8. Platoon 1986 9. Ghandi 1982 10. Chicago 2002 11. What do they all have in common - best picture Oscar 12. Which is the Odd One Out – Dr Strangelove

1. Norway (2nd year in a row) Britain came 28th 2. Its from the latin Insula Canaria, Island of the Dogs. 3. Vesuvius, Italy 4. The Falkland Islands, January 10th was the day back in 1983 when Margaret Thatcher first set foot on recaptured soil. 5. Trans-Siberian Railway 6. Winds 7. Five 8. Nepal & China (technically Tibet is not a country.. yet) 9. Q 10. Arc de Triomph

1. 1992 Spain - Barcelona 2. 2004 Greece - Athens 3. 1996 USA – Atlanta 4. 2000 Australia - Sydney 5. 2008 China - Beijing 6. WHICH ORDER? China, Greece, Australia, USA, Spain

1. Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Vanilla Ice, Brittney Spears (4 points)
2.  Celine Dion and Anastacia
3. AC/DC (You Shook Me All Night Long)
4.  Girls Aloud and Sugarbabes (Walk this Way - sung for Comic Relief)
5. Aerosmith
6. Jimmi Hendrix
7. All along the watchtower (original by Bob Dilan)
8. 'and I miss your ginger hair' (Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson)
9. The Zutons
10. Mick Jagger and David Bowie (Dancing in the street, originally by Martha and the Vandellas)
11. Live Aid
12. Stewie Griffin (Everything I do I do it for you) (CLUE – He’s one year old)
13. Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves (original by Bryan Adams)
14. Johnny Robinson on the X-Factor 2011 (original artist – CHER)
15. The Wurzels
16. Take That (Up All Night)

1. "the place at the bridge” 2. The Western Daily Press and the Bristol Evening Post. 3. Llandoger Trow, on King Street 4. 1831 (19th Century) 5. 1934 6. Frome and Avon (Severn doesn’t enter the city) 7. Cary Grant. 8. ’Nipper’ 9. Thecodontosaurus antiques. 10. Bill Bailey was born in Bath.

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