Monday, 6 February 2012

Skateboarding Dogs & Mastermind Goldfish - Super Smart Animals on BBC One

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Weds 8th & Thurs 9th February, BBC One 8pm

Intelligent animals! Talking, solving problems, feeling emotion? Surely the stuff of fiction.

In this two part series, Liz Bonnin (from BBC Bang Goes The Theory) reveals that animals possess qualities we once thought uniquely human – such as language, culture and consciousness. Liz gets creative with dolphins, shares a eureka moment with orangutans and defends the reputation of the human race when she goes head to head with a chimp genius in a test of maths and memory. Two of the highlights is sure to be John Humphries putting a goldfish through its paces on Mastermind and Tillman the skateboarding dog wowing crowds in Los Angeles.

Prepare to be amazed, entertained, and even outwitted by the world's Super Smart Animals.

Tillman the Skateboarding Dog  
 Goldie the Goldfish on Mastermind

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