Thursday, 29 March 2012

Elephant Vs Kamikaze Bees & Wrestling Wanna-Bee Queens! - Queen of the Savannah

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Tonight, 8pm BBC Two - Queen of the Savannah

Tonight the BBC Natural World takes you into the world of the queen African honeybee. She rules the Savannah but her throne is won with sororicide - she must kill her sisters to succeed. Once crowned, an army of kamikaze bees will defend her and the colony from all who would be a threat - even fending off elephant intruders. Eventually the queen leads her colony on a one-way journey across the savannah to the great Mount Kenya. 

"Honeybees are such fascinating creatures, and living wild in Africa they face more challenges and drama than most people would imagine. They’re like our British honeybees wild and dangerous cousins! Bee Vs Bee - only one will be queen!" - Verity White, Producer

Bee Vs Bee - only one can bee Queen

Bee Vs Elephant

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