Friday, 20 April 2012

#PlanetEarthLive - Globally Awesome with Richard Hammond. Wild life as it happens! #24/7Wild

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Planet Earth Live starts 6th May on BBC One in the UK - and globally on BBC channels.

In the USA it's called 24/7 Wild and will be shown on NatGeo Wild, starting 7th May 9pm e/p.

This is going to be extraordinary (and my fiancee is working on it so please watch ;-). This series has created a real buzz around the BBC. Building on the success of 'Big Cat Live' and  'Springwatch', Planet Earth Live will bring us wildlife action as it happens from around the world, following the lives of some of our favourite animals - lions, elephants, black bears, grey whales, meerkats, macaques and more.

This will be the first ever wildlife show to be simulcast around the world to 140 countries. In the US it will be broadcast 24 hours later on National Geographic Wild and will be retitled to '24/7 Wild'.

Be part of a truly global audience, Join Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury as they follow...

"Real animals... real lives... in real time."

Follow the team as they follow the animals - Twitter @BBCPlanetEarth

"With its global reach and an A-list cast of animals, Planet Earth Live will be the most editorially, technically and logistically ambitious live wildlife event we've ever undertaken." - Executive producer Tim Scoones

PLANET EARTH LIVE launches in...



  1. Name of the song?

    1. Good question - it does sound familiar but it's probably a little ditty from a sound library or a specially composed bit of music.

  2. what days and channel? please

  3. Hi everyone dont forget to check out presenter Julia Bradbury's BBC TV blog post about making Planet Earth Live:

  4. I watched last Sunday's episode, along with my family and we were all looking forward to the usually excellent BBC coverage of events like this after they are the best in the world. We were all disappointed with the general presentation of the program and knowledge levels of the presenters, especially Richard Hammond who might be good as presenter car programs but is seems somewhat out of his depth on this series.

    The term "live" I feel is a bit misleading as several clips seem to have been pre-recorded and there is too much jumping about from one thing to the next, in saying that the camera work is absolutely brilliant.

    I might be just missing David Attenborough who was, and remains, the icon of this genre of program but feel the BBC need to find more suitable presenters for such a series.