Thursday, 10 May 2012

2 cute reasons why #PlanetEarthLive is a not to be missed global event!

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8pm, BBC One in the UK (and around the world to 140 countries). Watch the first two episodes on BBC iPlayer.

If you haven't watched it yet then here are two reasons why 'Planet Earth Live' is a not to be missed global TV event. Meet Gremlin the macaque in Sri Lanka, and the black bear cubs in Minnesota - play the clips below.

Vote below for which animal you think is the cutest Planet Earth Live baby (to help you decide here's some cute photos of the baby animals.

Currently bears have 78% of the vote with poor little Gremlin the macaque lingering in 2nd place at 9%.

Click to vote and reveal the results so far

 Meet Gremlin the Macaque, Sri Lanka

Meet the Black Bear Cubs, Minnesota, USA


  1. Does Hamilton never grow up? Stop waving your hands around and talk professionally.

  2. Love planet earth but would be a lot better without Hammond amateur mannerisms.

  3. Heya I wanted to name the lioness well at least suggest it I have never really had a go at it before so here goes! I like the name Aziz because it means strong and she really is one heck of a mum! I love the program but sometimes infant more animals less babble! :-)