Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flattered! Paintings of my Goshawk & Racoon photos. Anyone fancy painting a Jaguar?

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I'm flattered to have had two of my photographs on Flickr be used as the basis for paintings recently. I wanted to share these with you as I think they're wonderful.

Jaguar Challenge!

If anyone needs an image to work from then I would love to see one my Jaguar photographs be used. I think that they're one of the most beautiful animals in the world. (More Jaguar photo's here - take your pic!)

Jaguar relaxing in the shade

Goshawk in flight

Here's a beautiful watercolour of a Goshawk in flight by RColdBreath, based on a photograph that I took whilst filming 'Animals Guide to Britain'. Watch the clip and see more photo's here.

Racoon in a tree

Racoon in Acrylic by LittleArtist3, based on a photograph that I took whilst filming in Arizona.



  1. The Racoon is brilliant congratulations to the artist

  2. This is great. The power commons and art of remixing :)

  3. Amazing paintings just can't believe, its exactly the same in pic.Thanks for sharing such good stuff.