Wednesday, 19 June 2013

If you thought Frack was something said on Battlestar Galactica then think again - it's the New Energy Rush! #Horizon

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If you thought Fracking was just something Commander Adama said as he realised his best mate was a Cylon, then think again... 

In tonights episode of Horizon Iain Stewart investigates a new and controversial energy rush for the hard-to-get-to natural gas found deep underground, it might even be under your house. Getting it out of the ground involves hydraulic fracturing - or fracking, the process of drilling and injecting fluid at high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks and release the gas. It's fraught with environmental issues but some believe that it could be a game changer for the energy industry. Iain travels to America to find out what lessons have been learned from 50 years of fracking and over million wells. He meets some of the people who have become fracking rich as well as the communities worried about the fracking risks.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bird-Killer or Cuddly Companion? - See the secret life of the common cat #Horizon

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Thursday 13th June, BBC2, 9pm

There are over 10 million roaming the UK. To some they are manipulative, red-eye-inducing, garden-defecating, bird-killers. To others they are cute, cuddly and characterful companions. This evenings episode of Horizon promises to provide a fascinating insight into the world of the common cat. 

To uncover what they get up to when they leave the home, 50 cats in the Surrey village of Shamley Green were put under 24-hour surveillance using GPS collars and specially designed cat-cams. 

"In many ways, scientists know more about the roaming behaviour of big cats in Africa than they do about our own pets which is why Horizon was so excited to work with the Royal Veterinary College on this ambitious experiment." Helen Sage, Producer, Horizon

“Cats are still evolving and probably will still evolve into the future. They are becoming much more pet-like animals and will lose some of the wild instincts because many of those things don’t actually serve them very well in the 21st century” Dr John Bradshaw

An interactive map lets you follow the GPS trails of 10 of the cats featured in the Horizon programme. (click on the image below)

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Great TV weekend: Wild, Operation Snow Tiger & Rise of the Continents

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Three not-to-be missed series starting this weekend.

9am Saturday morning CBBC: Wild
Join Naomi Wilkinson, Tim Warwood and Radzi Chinyanganya on a WILD adventure filled with wild animals and extreme sports around the UK!

8pm Sunday BBC 2: Operation Snow Tiger 
The Siberian tiger is one of Earth's rarest and most elusive animals, with as few as 300 remaining. It is so rare, more scientists have been to space than have seen one in the wild. In this series a team of scientists travel to Russia to uncover the hidden world of this mysterious predator, determine why they are declining and what can be done to save them.

“It was a real privilege to work with scientists who rightly believe that losing the tiger from this landscape is simply unacceptable...they work tirelessly to prevent its extinction against seemingly insurmountable odds. This was an adventure that will stay with me forever.” - Liz Bonnin

Stick on BBC2 for Rise of the Continents at 9pm
The Earth’s continents are instantly recognizable. These iconic landmasses seem permanent and unchanging, yet they are merely the wreckage of a much larger long-lost supercontinent – Pangaea. In this stunning four part series Professor Iain Stewart uncovers the evidence for this ancient past.  He reveals how the world around us is full of clues – in the rocks, the landscapes and even the animals. All of which tell us how the land we live on was created.

Join me at the BBC Summer of Wildlife day - WWT London Wetland Centre

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I've been invited back to the WWT London Wetland Centre to join BBC presenter Kate Silverton and Springwatch cameraman Jack Perks, at the BBC Summer of Wildlife Day on June 30th. 

 More than 20 organisations are taking part in the event, with experts on hand from The Bat Conservation Trust, the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation Trust and the Field Studies Council. Jack Perks will give tips on how to photograph wildlife, and I'll be sharing some of my personal highlights from filming natural history around the world.  

I hope to see some of you there.