Sunday, 14 July 2013

Out of the office: Volcanoes, Ancient Temples, Dust Desert & a Chicken Church!

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I'm currently out of the office filming volcanoes in Java. I'll be back in early August.
Here's a few of my tweets and Flickr iPhone photos...

 "Glorious morning timelapsing the twin volcanoes of Merapi-Merbabu, Java #BBCMonsoon"
"Gotta love Volcanoes! Our dusty cinematographic playground for #BBCMonsoon :-)"
"Going to miss this view but not the volcanic dust! About to head to another incredible location for #BBCMonsoon"
"Another amazing morning timelapsing the foggy caldera around Bromo #Volcano, Java. #BBCMonsoon #BBCNature"
 "Just hanging out in the Sea of Sand waiting for timelapse magic to happen #Java #BBCMonsoon"
"Steaming jungly sunrise from the hills surrounding Borobudur."
"Abandoned Giant Chicken Church! Found in the forest whilst exploring for Borobudur view point this morning. Wow!"
Inside the abandoned Chicken Church! Chicken Cult? Failed KFC restaurant? Bizarre & freaky.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mournful faces in a lost city of stone - Isle of Portland

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After the steep climb up from Chesil Beach, on the Isle of Portland, we discovered an overgrown ancient city riddled with a labyrinth of crumbling streets. This is the abandoned Tout Quarry, an 18th century quarry that provided stone for many of the most famous buildings in London including Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral.

The air was still and silent, the occasional butterfly fluttered past. As we explored the giant blocks and quarry walls I started to notice faces staring out at me, mournful faces - I couldn't help but think of Pompeii. These are just a few of the sculptures and carvings that have adorned the barren rock faces here since the quarry became a sculpture park in 1983. Apparently there's now more than 70 sculptures and carvings ranging from flowers to dinosaurs, but the fun is trying to find them. Be careful though - it's easy to get lost and we didn't see anyone else all day. Here's a few of the ones that we found and you can see more of my pics in my Flickr set.

  A quarry street where the portland stone has been removed
A 'Pompeiian' face stares out from a fallen block
Skull amongst the rocks
'Window' by Justin Nichol
Mournful Man
Dry Stone Archway connecting two sections of the quarry
Representation of a Baroque garden (by Shelagh Wakely)
'Fallen Fossil' by Stephen Marsden
'Still Falling' by Antony Gormley 
"Working with stone is a fine job. Working on stone in a quarry is a challenge. You have to consider the material as part of the place, as part of the earth"

Thursday, 11 July 2013

On an island far, far away... Ewan McGregor takes us to the Hebrides

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BBC2, 9pm, Thursday 11th July

Puffins in peril, basking sharks, seal pups and romping hares... more action than you can shake a lightsaber at! Accompanied by the soft scottish tones of Ewan McGregor, 'Hebrides - island on the edge' gives a privileged view into the lives of wonderful animals, on an island far, far away...

As @McGregor_Ewan tweeted  ...
"One of the most beautiful films I’ve seen" "Beautiful footage of these beautiful isles."