Thursday, 13 November 2014

Putting my camera down for life's most precious moment

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Exactly two weeks ago I did something very unusual. I put my camera down. I decided to see something with my own eyes and experience one of life's most precious moments without the need to focus and click. This was the birth of my little girl Ammony. 

L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole played in the background as the caesarian section was carried out. I excitedly held my wife Donna's hands, and within minutes a little cry signalled the arrival of our little life changer. The 'curtain' was dropped like a magic show and we could see our little girl. From now on there would be three of us, and I would treasure that moment for the rest of my life. Ammony opened her eyes in our arms, seeing the world for the first time. She peered up to see the two people who would cherish and look after her. What wonders those eyes would see, and what adventures we would have together.

The remarkable thing is that the anaesthetist standing by Donna's head took my camera and clicked this image for us, preserving a digital copy of the raw and beautiful moment our daughter was born. I was just pleased to have seen this with my own eyes.

Ammony's eyes open for the first time
Mummy and Daddy 

Now two weeks later she's already started to learn about wonderful wildlife from the present and the past... 

A is for Ammonite
D is for Dinosaur
G is for Giraffe
O is for Orangutan
P is for Pteradon
R is for Rabbit
T is for Tyrannosaur

A lifetime full of fun, adventure and discovery awaits.

Only time will tell where these tiny feet will tread...

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