Thursday, 5 March 2015

10 foot tapeworm and the 3 bears #EarthOnLocation

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If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise!

Every autumn in British Columbia salmon migrate upstream to spawn. Arriving in their tens of thousands they are a vital source of fat and protein for the grizzly bears who need to stock up before the winter. Unfortunately the fish also carry tiny passengers that can't wait to get inside the warm body of a bear...

All was going well down on the river bank

Then one little cub noticed something strange...

"I'm sure we didn't have noodles with our salmon last night" he thought, noticing a long slimy thing trailing behind his mum.

He and his brother wondered what on earth it could be...

"Should we ask her" said one of them....

"I think I'm going to be sick" said the other...

"What!" asked Mum turning around a little self consciously. "Why do you keep staring?"...

"Err", said one of the cubs realising the sheer horror of the situation... 

"I think you have a giant tape worm hanging out of your backside Mum

Fortunately it didn't last long...

They lived happily every after... until one of the three bears got another monstrous tapeworm.

A small price to pay for the abundance of raw salmon that spawns in the forest streams, and helps the bears stock up their fat reserves for the winter.

... and if you think it's just a bear problem, think again! 
Make sure your salmon is well cooked!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Super Powered Owls - why you should watch this! #NaturalWorld

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Super Powered Owls - 8pm, BBC Two

With their charismatic faces and extraordinary head-turning ability, owls are one of our best-loved birds. And yet it's rare to catch more than a glimpse of one in the wild. These mysterious birds haunt our night, floating through the darkness with an eerie silence. But how do they see in the dark? And how do they fly so silently? Through the eyes of two special barn owl chicks and with the help of world leading scientists, Natural World reveals the magic behind owls' superpowers.

Please watch this... Why you ask?

1. My wife worked on it.

2. It's got owls.

3. It's Tuesday so what else are you going to do.

4. Narrated by Paul McGann (excusing his role as the Doctor in the film that everyone tries to forget... )

5. It's got owls.

Oh and check out this gorgeously gratuitous slo-mo. Arn't Owls simply magnificent!

Photo: BBC