Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Birthday Sir David #Attenborough90

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7pm BBC One. This evening, to celebrate his 90th Birthday, Sir David Attenborough shares extraordinary highlights of his life and career with broadcaster Kirsty Young, including the inspiring people he has met, the extraordinary journeys he has made and the remarkable animal encounters he has had across the globe.

It was an honour to be in the audience for this special event. I was surrounded by colleagues that David had worked with over his many years in natural history television, including many legendary cameramen such as Martin Saunders who filmed the famous gorilla sequence. 

I first worked with David Attenborough on Life in Cold Blood in 2007. The first time we met I was high up on a cherry picker in Red Rocks, Colorado, preparing for David to arrive to film a sequence about T-Rex. As soon as I was lowered we began discussing the finer details of the script, which covered recent discoveries in the debate over cold versus warm bloodedness - I was relieved that we agreed on what could be said in the script, and that I had done my research! 

Visit the BBC website to find out more and see what else is being shown as part of Attenborough season. I am most looking forward to Zoo Quest in colour.

After the interview Sir David took time to speak with the many colleagues and friends that were there. 

Here I am with Sir David in 2008 after we won the Wildscreen Golden Panda for Life in Cold Blood...